Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is Bill Joyce. Joyce was a third basemen in the 1890’s and had a few managerial stints with the Giants in the final years of his playing career. Later in his life he was a standard angry old curmudgeon, ranting in the Reach Base Ball Guide in 1916 about the state of the game:

“Base ball today is not what it should be. The players do not try to learn all the fine points of the game as in the days of old, but simply try to get by. They content themselves if they get a couple of hits every day or play an errorless game. The first thing they do each morning is to get the papers and look at the hit and error columns. If they don’t see them, some sportswriter gets a terrific panning of which he never hears.

[Skip to the final paragraph]

“In my days, the players went into the clubhouse after losing a game with murder in their hearts. They would have thrown out any guy on his neck if they had even suspected him of intentions of singing. In my days the man who was responsible for having lost a game was told in a man’s way by a lot of men what a rotten ball player he really was. It makes me weep to think of the men of the old days who played the game and the boys of today. It’s positively a shame, and they are getting big money for it, too.”

Some things never change.


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