Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is Brook Jacoby. Jacoby was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in 1979. In 1983 the Braves felt they needed to counteract the Dodgers trade for Rick Honeycutt (you read that correctly) so they made a deal with the Cleveland Indians for Len Barker (I miss the days Ted ran the Braves). The deal was widely hated by Braves fans because it involved trading the popular centerfielder Brett Butler. The Braves agreed to send Rick Behenna to the Indians right away and at season’s end send Butler and Jacoby to Cleveland.

(Side note: What was even better is that Ted then signed Barker to a five year deal worth $4.5 million, which was huge money back then. Once again, I miss Ted.)

My favorite tidbit about Brook Jacoby comes from 1987. That season he hit 32 homeruns with 63 RBI — a ratio of 2.16 RBI/HR. Of all players to hit 30 homeruns in a season his ration ranks 1209th all time (ironically, Barry Bonds 73 homer season is the lowest ratio and the only one below 2.00). Jacoby hit 27 solo homers and five two-run homers. How? Well, to start Jacoby spent a lot of time batting behind Cory Snyder (.273 OBP), Mel Hall (.309) and Joe Carter (.304), batting sixth or later in the order in 114 games. He had only 74 (out of 617) plate appearances that year with multiple runners on base (to put that into perspective, Jason Kipnis came to the plate with multiple runners on 78 times out of 641 PA’s and he’s the freakin’ leadoff hitter).

Overall Jacoby made two All-Star teams and smacked 1220 hits and had a 104 OPS+ in 11 seasons.


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