Today’s Random Player From the Baseball Project That May or May Not Amount to Anything is Dock Ellis. Baseball fans know all about him pitching a no-hitter while being stoned, but I think the better story happened four years later. On May 1, 1974 Ellis felt obligated to send a message to the Cincinnati Reds. Upset about comments made by Reds’ players and feeling a need to show them how tough the Pirates really were, he threw his first pitch at Pete Rose’s head. He followed that up by then hitting Rose. Then, hearing Joe Morgan say to Pete Rose, “He doesn’t like you anyway. You’re a white guy.” he drilled Morgan in the kidneys on the first pitch. Ellis then followed that up by sending Dan Driessen some chin music, then plunking his back on the second pitch. Tony Perez managed to avoid four beaning attempts from Ellis (“I couldn’t hit him. He was running.”). He then threw two pitches at Johnny Bench’s head before Pirates manager Danny Murtaugh came out and pulled him. He is the only pitcher since 1960 to hit three batters without recording an out.


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