Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is Felix Hernandez.  Has there ever been another great pitcher whose prime has been wasted more than Felix Hernandez’s? He’s 30 and has started 359 games. In 189 of them the Mariners have scored 3 or fewer runs.  Because he’s great he has allowed three runs or fewer 250 times, opposing hitters are have hit .239/.297/.355/.653 against him and the Mariners are 200-159 when he pitches (704-881 otherwise).  Of his 96 no decisions only 29 of them were in a game he left when he was trailing, so his offense wasn’t bailing him out.  Fifty-five times he has left the game with the Mariners down despite him throwing a quality start.  From his age 23 through his age 28 seasons the Mariners averaged 3.68 runs per game (3.79 in his starts), while opponents managed just a .611 OPS.  The Mariners haven’t been in the postseason since their amazing 2001 season, but it definitely isn’t because of King Felix.


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