Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is Jay Johnstone. Johnstone played 20 years in the major leagues for the Angels, White Sox, A’s, Phillies, Yankees, Padres, Dodgers, and Cubs. Despite playing in seven postseasons and posting a 103 OPS+ for his career (128 OPS+ for the Phillies from 1974-78), he was known more as a clown. He would light teammates’ cleats on fire, He and teammate Jerry Reuss once donned the grounds crew gear and were out raking the infield, much to Tommy Lasorda’s dismay. Lasorda reamed both of them and then sent Johnstone out to pinch hit to make an example out of him. Johnstone responded by lacing a base hit. One year while the Dodgers were in the pennant race Davey Lopes launched a throw to first over Steve Garvey’s head. The next day was an off day, and the Dodgers were in Chicago. Johnstone and a couple of teammates went to a local store and bought a ton of sandbags and stacked them up in front of the seats along the first base side with a warning sign that read “CAUTION: DAVEY LOPES PLAYING SHORT”.

His most famous at-bat however, came in 1988 when he struck out looking against Rawley Spiwack while Enrico Pallazzo calling the game.


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