I actually have a second Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything today. The second is Joe Garagiola. He was childhood friends with Yogi Berra and is better known by people of my generation as the color analyst for NBC’s Game of the Week with the great Vin Scully. My favorite moment with Joe as an analyst was Game 7 of the 1986 World Series. In the 8th inning, the Red Sox put 2 on the board to make it a 6-5 game. Strawberry led off with a homer and with a runner on second with two out the Red Sox intentionally walked Rafael Santana – he of the career 68 OPS+ and 52 OPS+ that season – to pitch to Jesse Orosco. Garagiola said “I’d almost bet the house he’s bunting here” and added, “He’s got to bunt here.” Orosco slapped the ball over the pulled-in infield and Scully shouts, “In comes Knight, it makes the score 8-5 and Joe, you just lost your house!”


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