Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is a tragic figure, Steve Howe. Howe was a lefty who came up through the Dodgers’ farm system and became the ninth Dodger to win the NL Rookie of the Year Award (that number is now up to 16). In 1981 the Dodgers won the World Series and in 1982 Howe was an all-star.

Unfortunately, Howe could never beat his demons. In 1983 he checked into a substance abuse clinic for alcohol and cocaine use. A relapse resulted in him being suspended for the entire 1984 season, a disturbing trend. He was ultimately suspended seven times, finally leaving the big leagues for good in 1996. In 1989 he published his autobiography, “Between the Lines”, where he described his struggles with addiction.

In 2006 his demons apparently caught up to him when he rolled his truck, subsequently killing him. The toxicology report showed methamphetamine in his system. He was a sad story from what was the drug culture of the 1970’s and 1980’s.


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