Today’s Random Player From the Baseball Project That May or May Not Amount to Anything is Tom Herr.  Herr was an undrafted free agent signed by the Cardinals in 1974.  Herr came up with the big league club in 1979 as a midseason call-up in August.  Though Herzog came in a year later, Herr was the type of player Herzog loved.  While he didn’t have much power (lifetime .350 slg, 28 career homers), he was a patient hitter (.347 OBP, 627 walks in 6116 plate appearances) with solid contact (fewer strikeouts than walks).  He typified this best in 1985 when he became the first player since George Kell in 1950 to have 100 RBI and less than 10 homeruns.


The other cool quirk about Herr’s career:  In Game 4 of the 1982 World Series, Herr came to bat with Willie McGee on second and Ozzie Smith on first.  Brewers’ pitcher Moose Haas threw a wild pitch, sending McGee and Smith up a base.  Herr then sent a 3-2 pitch to deep straight away center.  Gorman Thomas caught the ball at the track, then slipped on the edge.  McGee scored easily, and Smith alertly took off and rounded third to score a second run.  It is the only 2-run sacrifice fly in the history of the World Series.


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