Today’s Random Player From The Baseball Project That May Or May Not Amount To Anything is Von Hayes. Hayes got his big league start with the Indians in 1981. A tall, lanky guy (6’5″, 185 lbs), he had a typical lefty stroke (in other words, it was just freakin’ sweet; I envy lefties for this), but did not display big power, but was a patient hitter (lifetime .354 OBP). In December of 1982 the Indians traded Hayes to the Philadelphia Phillies for Jay Baller, Manny Trillo, George Vukovich, and Price Aragon. Hayes only had a 97 OPS+ in 1983, but did get an NL Championship ring. While he did display some power, he never showed what many hoped for. He was a good player, posting a 113 career OPS+, but just couldn’t live up to what everyone thought he could be. Oh, did I say Prince Aragon earlier? I meant the ageless wonder Julio Franco, who went on to play until the year 2525 outlasting three commissioners and was inducted into the Immortal Hall of Fame with Rickey Henderson, R2D2, and the Black Knight from “The Holy Grail”.


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