Well, the All-Star voting is almost wrapped up.  Here are my AL and NL rosters for the game in Miami.



AL – Gary Sanchez, New York

NL – Buster Posey, San Francisco

Buster Posey is the best cátcher in the game today.  Besides posting a .347/.435/.531 line (157 OPS+, 160 wRC+), he’s the only legitimate player on a Giants sporting the second worst record in the National League.  Add in his job behind the plate and he’s the obvious choice for the NL.


This won’t be the last selection for the young Sanchez, whose .911 OPS is the best of any regular catcher in the AL.


First Base

AL – Logan Morrison, Tampa Bay

NL – Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona

Miguel Cabrera has been a shadow of himself this season, and the AL isn’t exactly overwhelming with candidates here.  Paul Goldschmidt is finally starting to get the attention his career has earned.


Second Base

AL – Jose Altuve, Houston

NL – Daniel Murphy, Washington

I don’t think there’s too much to argue about here.


Third Base

AL – Jose Ramirez, Cleveland

NL – Nolan Arenado, Colorado

Ramirez is not a homer pick.  He leads AL third basemen in fWAR, and his .318/.371/.561 line has been the best on the team as they have finally taken over first in the AL Central.


Besides putting up good offensive numbers, Arenado he is also leading the league in Total Zone Runs at third and for the third straight season is leading the league in DRS.



AL – Carlos Correa, Houston

NL – Zack Cozart, Cincinnati

I doubt that anyone has noticed but Cozart has actually been outperforming Dodgers phenom Corey Seager (.320/.404/.562, 149 wRC+, 148 OPS+ compared to .283/.392/.461, 130 wRC+, 127 OPS+).


As for the Correa, his overall hitting numbers are better than Boston’s Xander Bodaerts.  Surprisingly, defensive wizard Andrelton Simmons is actually hitting this season, but Correa is having the better year.


Left Field

AL – Corey Dickerson, Tampa Bay

NL – Marcell Ozuna, Miami

Two of the more under the radar selections, Ozuna has been the best left fielder in the NL while Corey Dickerson is emerging into becoming a star for the Rays.


Center Field

AL – Mike Trout, Los Angeles

NL – Charlie Blackmon, Colorado

Injured or not, Trout is the best player in baseball.  Charlie Blackmon already has 42 extra base hits this season (he had 69 all of last season).


Right Field

AL – Aaron Judge, New York

NL – Bryce Harper, Washington

Nobody is even close in either league to these two.  Judge’s 1.144 OPS easily outdistances everyone not named Mike Trout, and Bryce Harper has recovered from last year’s down numbers to get himself back into the “Best Player” argument.


Starting Pitchers

AL – Chris Sale, Boston, Carlos Carrasco, Cleveland, Dallas Keuchel, Houston, Chris Archer, Tampa Bay, Lance McCullers, Houston, Michael Fulmer, Detroit, Corey Kluber, Cleveland, Ervin Santana, Minnesota

NL – Max Scherzer, Washington, Zack Greinke, Arizona, Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles, Stephen Strasburg, Washington, Jeff Samardzija, San Francisco, Ivan Nova, Pittsburgh, Carlos Martinez, St. Louis, Robbie Ray, Arizona, Kyle Freeland, Colorado

That is a hell of a lot of strikeouts from those arms.  What’s frightening are the guys I left out.



AL—Cody Allen, Cleveland, Andrew Miller, Cleveland, Craig Kimbrel, Boston, Chris Devenski, Houston, Roberto Osuna, Toronto

NL – Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles, Corey Knebel, Milwaukee, Wade Davis, Chicago, Greg Holland, Colorado, Jim Johnson, Atlanta

Again, a lot of power arms and some surprises.  Amazing what some later round picks can generate as failed starters.



AL – Jonathan Schoop, Baltimore, Miguel Sano, Minnesota, Salvador Perez, Kansas City, Jose Abreu, Chicago, Shin-Soo Choo, Texas, Jean Segura, Seattle, Yonder Alonso, Oakland, Brian McCann, Houston, George Springer, Houston, Andrelton Simmons, Los Angeles, Marcus Stroman, Toronto, Aaron Hicks, New York

NL – Joey Votto, Cincinnati, Anthony Rendon, Washington, Aaron Altherr, Philadelphia, Michael Conforto, New York, Giancarlo Stanton, Miami, Wil Myers, San Diego, EricThames, Milwaukee, Corey Seager, Los Angeles, Anthony Rizzo, Chicago, Justin Turner, Los Angeles, Jay Bruce, New York

That should round out the the lineups pretty well.  Expect a lot of power in the game basically because that’s what we’ve had all year.  This season has been about homeruns and strikeouts, and that’s what we’ll see in Miami.


Obviously it isn’t easy since every team needs to be represented and I’m sure that not every pick would be agreed upon, but it’s the best that I can do.


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